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Yes, hold your breath and high horses, you, indeed are Here. At VASTMOD- Voice and Speech Training Module alternative known as Voice and Speech Training Matter On Demand The haloed ground of things VNAy.
Congratulations! Your interest in Vastmoding (yes, that’s a verb now!) by way of our website has firmly placed you amongst some of the most elite, even if slightly geekish, language professionals in our stratosphere, even if We say so ourselves. That might have been an oxymoron but if you realized that, then, congratulations, you are on your way! The density of this stratosphere is debatable but let’s not get into unwise discussions. On a serious note, you may want to question and then seek answers about your intentions with this website. We, at Vastmod, pray and hope (well, pray more) that they are judicious and this site is an able balm for you to salve your voice and accent itches. We expect you to utilize the tools afforded by for the same.
Happy scratching!

The Indian Way

And then God created Indian English!

George Bernard Shaw once wisely speculated about England and America being the two countries separated by the same language – English. Its not so much the language but the accent that makes a huge difference here. A similarly twisted logic can be applied to the BPO industry and its clients. Indians and Americans or British or Australians speaking the same language and yet losing each other in translation.

The Vastmod Weltanschauung

In a non-trainer universe – “Why does this site exist?”
The site is the brainchild of caffeine induced brilliance that has since then been fuelled by more java beans distributed readily at the author’s behemoth of an organization. On a sensible note, We, the Voice and Accent Training breed, of the BPO industry have often encountered intellectual and resource paucity while dealing with the wide array of trainees that come into our Voice and Accent sessions. Let me clarify and make honest admissions – We are great- yes, but like all good English gentlemen, greatness can always do with a Man Friday or a personal butler. So, that’s exactly what or who we are – Your (Wo)man Friday. Need something bout VnA, We got it. Right here.

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